Anthony Verdes, Web Developer

Hello, I'm Anthony.

My Hometown is Watertown, MA.

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About & Background

I'm an aspiring web developer and designer looking to dive right into the deep end. I love creating web apps that are user-friendly, elegant, sleek, and functional. I'm currently learning and writing front-end code for iRobot! While I'm not working on the web, you can catch me doing the many things I love like playing video games, cooking delicious foods, or going on adventures!

Development Work

Boston Festival of Indie Games

Boston Festival of Indie Games WordPress, HTML5 & CSS3

At I am helping contribute content to the pages for the site. Working with a custom WordPress theme to deliver anything that the marketing and tech team needs for the site.

This Website

This Website HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap 4

After taking a course on Bootstrap 4, I fell in love with it's simplicity and efficiency when making beautiful streamlined websites. I had to see how I can improve my own portfolio using this popular framework. This website is the result of my research and implementation.

Boston Food Trucks Mock Website

Boston Food Truck HTML5 & CSS3

This was a simple project to practice my growing knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3. This website is to inform readers of the various food trucks that patrol the streets of Boston.

Styles Conference Mock Website

Styles Conference HTML5 & CSS3

This was a project creating a front-end developer and designer conference website where readers can look at conference information. They can learn about what the conference is all about as well as where it is taking place and how to purchase tickets.

Professional Experience

Rock Band 4

Rock Band 4 Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.

I was a Quality Assurance Tester on the Rock Band 4 & Rock Band 4: Rivals video games released for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. My duties and specialties while working on Rock Band 4 included networking features and physical hardware.

Ortus Regni

Ortus Regni Zapdot, Inc.

I was also a Quality Assurance Tester on the multi-platform online card game Ortus Regni. This game was released for mobile platforms as well as Windows and MacOS. My duties including creating and maintaining of testing documentation as well as manually testing the products.


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